Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why I don’t Tweet

I get asked quite often why I don’t Tweet or use Twitter. First off, our agency does use Twitter regularly and I am a huge fan of Twitter from a business perspective. I think businesses with something important to say or offer salient information quickly makes perfect sense to use Twitter. I easily see business applications for it, but that's it. From a personal use perspective, I see no significant value in the use of Twitter.

And I will give you my five reasons why:

1. My life it not that exciting to be Tweeting my daily random thoughts, routine, musings and happenings. Quite frankly, neither are most people who use Twitter. Sorry. But why in the name of sweet baby Jesus do you think people care about your life that much?

2. Keeping up with that much incessant noise and clutter is a colossal waste of time. We are bombarded with thousands of messages daily from all sorts of sources. Why do I need more meaningless distractions in my life?

3. Tweeting time is not billable. That one was easy!

4. Too much exposure is a bad thing. Frankly, I don’t need to let my competitors know what I am doing, where I am travelling to, or what I am working on. Loose tweets sink twits!

5. Finally ... I need to save my news and other shenanigans I’ve been up to with my dear friends when we lunch or get together over vino. Surely we need something to talk about. Yesterday, I met up with my three good friends at the Four Seasons Hotel for lunch where we spent a solid two hours catching up on all the latest gossip, our lives, kids, the Toronto Mayoral election and who we know who got a botched plastic surgery job.

Ahhhh .. you can’t get that kind of quality time on Twitter.

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