Sunday, December 21, 2008

Go ahead ... Use the “C” word with me.

I received an email the other day from a friend of mine and in her salutation she wrote, “Have a Merry Christmas and yes, I am using the “C” word.”

I laughed my face off when I read it, then it made me realize how politically sensitive we’ve all become. While my friend was being funny, it does underscore just how vigilant we are of not offending anyone. For years now we’ve sent out holiday cards that read “Happy Holidays” or some such innocuous greeting like that. Apparently, it is incredibly insensitive to wish someone Merry Christmas. How dare you! We live in a politically correct world where Christmas trees should now be called “winter trees” and don’t you dare put up any Christmas symbol in a public space. No sir.

In the U.S. the War on Christmas is in full force. A very bizarre story is that of a nine year old boy who was forbidden to bring in candy canes to his school Christmas party because the canes contained a ‘religious’ meaning. Ah that’s right, let me see, there was Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh ... There was a fourth King no one knows about, who showed up at the manger with a basket of candy canes and peppermint bark from Williams-Sonoma. Gee, I completely forgot about that guy.

I understand the decision to uniformly drop Merry Christmas to Season’s Greetings or Festive Season etc. and I suppose it's the right thing to do. But still, it's not Happy Bunny Day is it? It’s Happy Easter right? Isn’t Christmas the “reason for the season?” I respect those that don’t celebrate Christmas, but to inoculate this holiday from those that do, is a sad commentary on our values and our religious freedoms.

So when you see me shopping, at the bank or ordering take out ... please wish me a Merry Christmas. I won’t be offended.

So with that, let me be fully inclusive and wish all my faithful readers a very Merry Christmas ... and of course ... Happy Holidays to you and yours and a safe and prosperous New Year!

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Martin Waxman said...

I couldn't agree more. We have too many 'beige' euphemisms; that mask what things are and try to make them so bland that they lose their meaning entirely.

So, Merry Christmas, Julie. There, I've said the 'C' word and I'll make a point of saying it again to people I meet. Besides it makes me feel like I'm sharing the festivities.