Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You don't call, you don't write, you don't blog enough

When I run into friends I haven’t stayed in touch with, I hear the usual whine “Why don’t you call more often?” Now when I run into people I barely know I get, “Why don’t you blog more often?” Jeeez, you can’t catch a break these days. I confess, I have a problem. My blogs are too long and I don’t post that often. I tend to over-think everything. Ever since I started this blog (it’s all Dave’s fault, he got me into this, and he hasn't posted since June 9th!), I approach blogging like some kind of English exam. I research my assignment, I re-write entries many times over, and I cram the day before. It’s not good.

Now, I have a ton of excuses for not blogging more than once a week or a few times a month. Here goes: I run a company. Between business development, client service and HR stuff I have a pretty busy day. Next up, I’m a mom, too. I have a rambunctious seven-year-old who loves dance, dress-up, soccer and Wii – and I’m there for most of it. And finally, summer is in full swing in Toronto and I’d rather be golfing, barbequing and swimming than banging out a few hundred words for my blog. But hey … I can come up with 101 excuses for not blogging more, but I won’t. Because once you have committed to blogging, I don’t think you should make lame excuses for not doing what you started.

And herein lies the big issue with blogging. It’s not just about having the skill to blog (yes, you need to know how to write well) but you need a firm commitment to the practice of blogging. Time is such a precious commodity (more than oil) and for me there are days when I just can’t find that 20 minutes to write. I have a ton of thought-ware, but it’s about dedicating time to write it down.

So here’s my promise, I will try to get to my blog thingie more often. And above all, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Okay, maybe not so sweet.


PRkeener said...

Hi Julie - Sorry, sometimes it takes reading a few posts about the same topic before I get the urge to comment.

To be honest, I think it's just summer! It seems everyone has better things to do than sit at the computer and pound out blog posts.

Except me...I do it because I'm procrastinating to avoid school work. Well, that and I have difficultly pulling myself away from it sometimes - must...learn...more!

Just keep posting once in a while...and I'll wait to read as always!


Sandra B said...

Hi Julie,

You don't have to keep your blog short because the length makes up for "you not blogging enough." I read blogs regularly and many bloggers do not blog on a regular basis. Plus, I can listen to you on Inside PR whenever I need my PR Maven fix. Keep blogging at your pace.

Enjoy your summer!

Sandra B

Parker said...

Don't worry about it - the summer is the time to be outdoors, enjoying the weather.
As I just said on Ed Lee's blog, blogging is a winter sport.

Besides, can't you just get Scotty Mac to ghost-write a few posts?

Julie Rusciolelli said...

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback. Ya, perhaps blogging is a winter thing ... I never thought about it that way. I'd love Scott to ghost write some posts for me .. but, I hear you can't do that in the blogosphere! Who made that rule ... ?

Scott said...

I charge for my posts Parker. You should know better.