Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Now this will make me look cool

I really don’t get too excited about new gadgets and consumer electronics anymore.

I have a three-year-old Motorola clam-shell mobile, and an older model BlackBerry. I’m one of those weird people that still uses a mobile phone for voice calls and BlackBerry just for email. But I do have friends who get excited over their little tech toys. I recently had dinner with four girlfriends, sipping Cosmos, when suddenly we started whipping out our BlackBerrys in a moment of electronics show-and-tell. I’m sure the bartender had quite a chuckle at four gals oooohing and ahhhhhing over a pearl button.

But I have to admit, there is only one piece of consumer technology I cannot wait to get my hands on. Apple’s iPhone. I know, I know, if I was so hot and bothered about owning an iPhone I would have bought one already stateside and found some 16-year old pimply-faced geek to unlock that puppy for me. But alas, I will wait, along with all the other tech lemmings in this country, until Rogers makes it widely available this coming Friday. And I don’t give a darn how much Rogers is charging for data fees cuz I just bloody want one.

I don’t really know why I want one so badly. I have a mobile phone that works just fine. But I think it must have something to do with the “cool factor” of owning one. Let’s face it, there isn’t a lot of cool going on in the mobile handset area. You can take mobile phones from LG, Samsung , Motorola and Nokia, mix them all up together and you won’t even come close to an iPhone. And I’m certainly not going to pimp up my phone with a silly Hello Kitty diamond studded face plate either.

I think all the hype and PR around the iPhone is justified. It’s sleek, beautiful, Apple branded, extremely functional, very swish and yes, it has earned the right to being uber-cool.


Rick Weiss said...

Hi Julie,

Yes the iPhone is very cool. I've been following the controversy surrounding the iPhone prices through Rogers and it seems they've adjusted their strategy for a limited time - though the Rogers website doesn't reflect todays news announcement just yet.

Donna Papacosta said...

Julie, you are already cool. You don't NEED an iPhone. Neither do I. And yet I share your iPhone lust. ;-)

Michelle Novielli said...

Hi Julie,

I think it's the iPhone's strong coolness factor that allowed Rogers to create the outrageous rate plans ... simply because Canadians will buy into the craze either way in their desire to be cool. And if you ask me, that's a smart business move from Rogers.