Thursday, April 03, 2008

I really hate the sound of my own voice

For the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of being part of the ever-popular podcast Inside PR started by Terry Fallis and David Jones. Their two-year-old podcast on all things PR and social media has been a great success and this year they decided to stir things up a bit by adding some new voices to their show. The format is kind of like The View but I’m the only chick on the show so far. I’ve been asked to participate on a weekly basis along with some other fine PR folks including Martin Waxman of Palette PR (the Dick Cavett of the group) as well as PR newcomer Keith McArthur of VERITAS who had a stellar career as a journalist at the Globe & Mail before turning to the darker side about a year ago.

I must admit, podcasting is a bit overwhelming when you are alongside Terry and David who are smooth as silk. They’ve been doing the show for so long and have managed to create a great rhythm and cadence to which the rest of us need to catch up. But I think their new format is working and connecting with a new audience.

Last night we did our podcast in front of the Third Tuesday Meet-up group at the Groundhog pub in Toronto. There was a lot of audience participation to create some terrific discussion around social media, content, clients, etc. Tune in next week to get the full podcast. It was great.

As for me and my podcasting experience, I can say one thing: I really hate the sound of my own voice. It’s kinda like watching yourself on video. I remember once going on Canada AM for a very serious discussion. When I watched the show at home to see how I did, I was horrified to see that my entire upper lip vanished on screen. It was obvious that I don’t have those to-die-for Angelina Jolie lips. I didn’t even listen to my interview cuz I was so fixated on my thin upper lip vanishing on screen. The next morning I walked into a skin clinic and pumped my lips full of Restylane. It was brutal. The only difference between me and a platypus was the blonde hair.

Thank goodness there’s no video on our podcasts. Hope you all tune in weekly. Lips or no lips, we’ll make the discussions worthwhile.


Terry Fallis said...

You did great Julie! Several of the audience told me after that they thought you have great lips...

Donna Papacosta said...

Julie, I haven't yet listened to the latest episode, but I've heard you before on Inside PR. Your voice is great. You know what? NO ONE likes the sound of his or her own voice on a podcast. (I cringe half the time when I hear myself.) Get over it! ;-)

Julie Rusciolelli said...

You are both so kind. What's worse is Joe Thornley brings a camcorder to the live Podcast last week and captures my profile. Now I hate my voice, lips and my nose! I'm getting no breaks! See you all soon.

Omar Ha-Redeye said...

Terry, David and Donna were all responsible for giving me the push into podcasting too.

Yes, they can be intimidating. But also incredibly inspiring.

You did a great job!