Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back from the magic

If Disney is known for anything, then it must be “magic.”

I spent last week at DisneyWorld Florida followed by a four-day cruise on the Disney Wonder. It was nothing short of spectacular. Whether you are young at heart or have young children, book your next trip to Disney. It won’t disappoint you. I promise.

Disney definitely lives up to its brand of “Making People Happy.” And it did. I had an ear-to-ear grin the whole time. I think I’m a big kid at the end of the day and Disney was the right vacation to cap off a very busy year at MAVERICK.

Here’s what impressed me about Disney:

Efficiency: Walt and his buddies wrote the book on time management, and I certainly took notes. I cannot comprehend how the Disney Corporation manages so many people on land and on a cruise ship so seamlessly and efficiently. I was beyond impressed. From our luggage showing up on time to the wonderful beach excursion on Disney’s private island, it was all so perfect.

Casino Rama may claim to “deal excitement” but Disney lives and breathes it in every respect. From the rides to the shows, Disney is all about exciting experiences. I got caught up in the moment meeting Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy and the rest of the Disney characters. In fact, I think I may have trampled on some poor kid’s feet as I rushed in to hug Mickey … sorry, little guy! (The photo above is of Rachel, Belle and me on the Disney Wonder).

Superb Quality & Value: The food went beyond my expectations. Whether you get a slice of pizza on the boat or a breakfast platter at Magic Kingdom, the value and quality of each meal met my high standards. I had lamb chops at
Palo (on the cruise ship) I am still savouring the flavour.. Magnifico!

Friendliness: Everyone associated with Disney seems to have overdosed on happy pills. From the cruise wait staff to the park personnel,
these folks make Elmo look cynical.

Exceptional Atmosphere: I know, I know, I wasn’t in Bali or the Caymen islands, but for a family vacation filled with princesses and over-stuffed characters, there was a ton of atmosphere. The balcony off our room on the cruise ship was stunning and we caught a beautiful sunset the first night out. Our room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando was also terrific with great vistas – we had large African animals roaming around right outside our balcony! Don’t see that in Toronto. Very cool.

I knew this trip met my little girl’s expectations, when she turned to us and said “Mom, Dad, this is the place where dreams really do come true.”

We couldn’t have agreed more.

And as they say in Disney .... "Thanks and have a magical day."


ZoeyBella said...

I haven't been to Disney World since 1991. I always thought I was too grown up and that when the time came, I would just suffer quietly when I take my kids (as soon as I have them and they're old enough to go.)

But it seems that one never outgrows the "magic". Thanks for the post :)

Melanie Seasons said...

It's been nearly ten years since I've been to Disney, and even though I'm much more cynical now, I know that as soon as I make it back, I'll have the same happy feelings I did as a teenager. Ya think they put something in the water?