Monday, January 05, 2009

Inside PR .. thanks for the memories!

Hope you get a chance to listen to episode #143 of the Inside PR podcast. It’s a special broadcast ... since it’s the last time you’ll hear me on the show.

I had a great time being part of the Inside PR panel. It was a wonderful experience and I learned so much about the podcasting process. I wanted to do it for a year and I was really fortunate to have been asked to join the group by the creators of the show Terry Fallis and David Jones. They are consummate professionals and were willing to take a chance with a podcasting novice like me.

Martin Waxman was also a new addition to the panel this year and is staying on in 2009. I think Martin is my long lost Jewish half brother. Martin is so easy to talk to and his intelligent wit is something I looked forward to each week. His popular culture references all date back somewhere in the sixties (thank god I watched Laugh-In) and his stories of his youth in Winnipeg are so freakin’ funny.

As for Terry Fallis, he must be the most gracious and genuine human being on the planet. I’ve never met anyone so accommodating, sincere and articulate. His vast use of the English language astounds me every time he opens his mouth. It’s no wonder that he’s an accomplished novelist, winning the 2008 Stephen Leacock award for humour for his book Best Laid Plans. Joe Thornley is lucky to have such a business partner.

Okay, here comes my Wizard of Oz “Dorothy” moment. Of all the men on the show, I will miss David the most. He’s a big reason for the show’s success. I’ve known David the longest and we’ve crisscrossed many times throughout our careers. I first met David when we volunteered for a CPRS awards show more than ten years ago. David is a dichotomy of sorts. He has a boyish face but sports an incredible head of silver fox hair. He has the warmest smile but watch his Don Rickles mouth. He’s got a tough business edge, but knows how to get a choice seat at Cinderella's Royal Table at DisneyWorld. David has been my competitor, my client, golf buddy, fellow panellist and peer in the industry. But most of all David is my friend and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been part this show with him.

The best part of this podcast for me was the “pre-show chatter” before we went live to tape with the topic of the week. We usually spent 10 – 15 minutes nattering about the business, our competitors, our clients, our previous week’s ups and downs. It was like being in a PR executive support group. I never felt threatened or undermined and always felt at ease to say whatever came to mind. I think a lot of our pre-chatter discussions were even better than what we put on air! Get the guys to air those once in awhile!

So with that, let me urge all my blog readers to keep on listening to this wonderful podcast. If you’re in PR, the show is a must listen to each week.


David Jones said...

Flatterer. I'll miss you. Of all the people I was hoping would quit the show, you were number 3 on the list.

Definitely, the pre-show banter is the best...but that's where we lower the cone of silence. We can't let people know what really goes on inside our would scare the kids.

All we've got left to do now is work together at the same agency. We've got a few openings...I'll put in a word.

Martin Waxman said...

Thanks Julie. I'll miss you, too.

You have a sharp, original and always lively take on our business - and the world, for that matter.

Of course, I don't want to hear from David what my number is (since I'm sticking it out as long as they renew my contract).

BTW, I thought my references were from the '70s. But maybe I'd better look at a calendar.

Hope to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Julie it isn't the same without you. We still have laughs, just not as many. Anytime you feel the need to get in front of that microphone again, we're only a skype call away. Thanks for your very kind words...

Anonymous said...

At the risk of interrupting this incestuous comment stream (!) I'll add that I enjoyed your input on Inside PR, Julie. You added a new perspective that contributed a lot to the show over the last year.

As a listener, thanks!

Julie Rusciolelli said...

Hey boys ....thank you all for the comments. Glad I didn't sound like Paula Abdul!
see ya ....

Guy Skipworth said...

You brought a fresh voice and dvierse perspective to the Inside PR conversation and you will be missed.

Perhaps you could be to Inside PR what Marg Delahunty is to 22 Minutes - a guest star whenever a ratings boost is needed.

Unknown said...

You were a great addition to the show Julie, thanks so much for donating your time so we could learn from your experience. We'll listen for you when IPR starts to slide in the ratings ;).

Anonymous said...

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