Friday, May 28, 2010

Just like family to me

Besides running a high octane office I go to every day, I also love the hands-on PR work I do for clients. One in particular, is Miele Canada. Miele is the world's most foremost innovative, high-end appliance company which is all still family owned. Yes, there really is a Mr. Miele. But you can call him Dr. I had the ultimate pleasure of working alongside the marketing team at Miele Canada to help usher in the latest little marvel to the Miele vacuum family, the S2. This little gem can really suck and is light weight and cool looking too.

Our launch plans started way back in December. We kicked off the PR activities in April with a trip to
Milan, Italy for Eurocucina, with two designers, five media, two clients, one ad exec and a very nervous PR person ... me! And then it was off to Germany for an exclusive tour of the Miele factory and head office. That’s where it got a little sticky and the trip got side-lined mid-way due to a lovely little volcano in Iceland, that no one can pronounce, spewing ash and all sorts of nonsense. We managed to get to Germany from Milan in the coolest bistro bus I’ve ever seen. We went through the Swiss Alps, lago di Como (no sightings of Clooney..), St. Moritz, Zurich then Frankfurt to catch our plane home. Hats off to my client, Jan Heck, president of Miele Canada who got us out of sooooo much trouble on that junket!

Last week, we had the honor of hosting Dr. Markus Miele for two-days of media and designer events. See pics below. There wasn’t a minute to spare in his schedule and we jam-packed it with interviews, launch events and special dinners. All for a little vacuum!

I want to say thanks to my wonderful team at Maverick who pulled off a great campaign and to my client, the Miele team, it really does feel like we're part of your family.

The wonderful Miele Canada team. Just like family to me!

Dr. Markus Miele demostrating the latest little powerhouse the S2 vacuum for Global TV.

Designer evening at the St. Lawrence Market Kitchen. Great turnout!

That's Jan Heck (left), president of Miele Canada and fourth-generation Managing Director and Co-Proprietor Dr. Markus Miele (right).

Jumbo sized Miele vacuum ... And the baby too!

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