Friday, September 11, 2009

TIFF: Stargazing at La Bruschetta

I love when TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) rolls around. We work a few blocks away from all the action and like every year, I pop into Yorkville hoping to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous ... but I never do!

Well, for you stargazers, you don't have to go to snooty Yorkville to get a glimpse of your favourite star. Nope, just head on over to my friend’s restaurant in Little Italy on St. Clair Avenue West called La Bruschetta. This incredible family-owned Italian eatery (which celebrates 30 years in the business next month) not only serves up the best pasta and veal dishes on the planet – but serves them to celebrities each year during TIFF.

Last night the Piantoni family were honoured to have hosted Warner Brothers and movie star hunkie Matt Damon at their restaurant last night.

In the picture are owners, Benny, Anna and Franca.

Everyone had a marvellous time and the food was spectacular!

Too bad my friend Silvia forgot my invite in the mail – well, at least I got this photo!

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