Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My blog is bloglining

There is flatlining when the heart monitor displays you are “sleeping with the fishes.” And then there is bloglining, when your blog goes flat from a lack of content being published.

Okay, I made up that word. But truthfully, a blog should have a constant pulse (a little beep) to keep readers aware that you’re not dead, that you’re serious about blogging and that you have an opinion to share.

When you've bloglined like me from a lack postings, you get calls from friends and family:
“Why aren’t you blogging? Have you been sick or something?”

I really hate the “I’m too busy to blog” excuse. It shows a lack of commitment. No matter how good of a writer you are or how strong your desire is to blog, you must carve out time to do it. I admit that for the past few months I’ve been disenchanted a little bit about the whole blog thing. I mean, blogging is the first tool you think about in social media, but what’s so social about it? Most of the time you’re alone in front of a glowing screen pounding out a message for someone else to read. That’s being social? There's no one in sight! I also think the summer (or lack thereof in rainy Toronto) seemed to have put the entire city in a bad mood ... and I felt that I would probably rant too much on my blog as a way to cope with a lack of vitamin D.

But enough whining already, Rusciolelli. It’s time to go back to basics and re-energize my blog with fresh new, exciting content.

After all, I’m a broad with an attitude and 20-plus years in the biz to back me up. Lord knows I have something to say.

My blog hasn't flatlined... Looks like I just found the defibrillator!

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Ashraf said...

Pulse has a normal degree of frequency to exist. So 20 in a year may be ok..depends on lot of factors.