Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Top 20 under 20

I was just at a wonderful inspirational breakfast this morning for the Top 20 under 20 which is one of the many programs put on by the Youth in Motion organization.

I heard 20 of the most amazing stories from youth from across the country. Young kids looking for a cure for cancer, raising loads of money for charity, environmental crusaders, and social entrepreneurs bettering the world every chance they can. One after another I was in awe of their incredible talent and will to know that the power of one can change the world.

I sat with a young, talented woman named Alyssa Larson from Hanna, Alberta, who came up with a novel new way de-worm horses. Her invention led to her to form her own company, Rock Worm Inc. and she’s about to launch the Equine MediWormer. All this at the ripe old age of 17!

It got me thinking ... what was I doing at 17? Oh ya, I invented the perfect shade of coral nail-polish by mixing red and pink to match my graduation dress! That was my eureka moment!

These kids were exceptionally bright and poised, and when interviewed live on stage, they banged out key messages and stories better than some of our trained executives!

Truly impressive. What wonderful role models for us all. It was a magical morning.

Check out today’s Globe and Mail for the complete line up of the Top 20. I see some future clients there for sure!

And Alyssa, when you’re ready to launch the “horse worm thing-a-ma-jig”, call me!

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