Monday, September 29, 2008

Venice and Paul Sorvino … coming to T.O.!

Now for an overt plug for a wonderful charity I do work for and their upcoming gala. This event is not to be missed. On October 10 at Toronto’s Fairmount Royal York Hotel, Villa Charities presents its annual Venetian Ball. This is the grandest of grandest charity galas where men and women come out in full black-tie regalia to enjoy exquisite food, hob-knobbing with the rich and almost famous, and non-stop partying. Each year the theme plays on Venice masquerade balls that made Venice well-known for their “Venetian masks.”

What makes this year’s ball so special are a few things. First, it’s a milestone year … it’s the 15th anniversary of the gala and this means lots of little extras. The event is moving from Vaughan to downtown Toronto ... yippee! And this year’s special guest and honourary patron is none other than Italian-American actor Paul Sorvino. Landing Sorvino for this night makes this an extra delicioso evening. He truly is an exceptional actor. The image of Sorvino in prison wearing slippers and knee socks and thinly slicing a garlic clove with a razor is burned in my memory! Watch Goodfellas and you’ll know the scene.

Now, you don’t have to be Italian to buy a ticket to the Venetian Ball.

But just in case you’re having some doubts about attending, here’s a helpful hint to get you started in on the action the moment you arrive: If all else fails, try out one of these conversation starters with the paisanos :

You know, I really didn’t mind Godfather III. It put closure to the saga, don’t you think? And how about that Sofia Coppola … abysmal performance, no?

Gee, it’s a tossup on who the greatest Italian athlete is: Baggio or Tomba. What do you think?

I don’t have a La Sem or a Commisso bakery near me, so where else can you get great cannoli?

Do you have any panettone left from last Christmas?

So where were you when Italy won the FIFA World Cup?

There are only a few tables still left for this amazing evening. So for you high-rollers that read my blog (I know you’re out there - I can smell your money from here!), please buy a table and come and enjoy in this incredible evening.

Grazie mille. Ci vediamo presto!


Ed Lee said...

hi julie, i can by no means call myself italian, although i do love the country. however, even i know that paolo maldini is the greatest sportsman italy has ever, and will ever produce!

Julie Rusciolelli said...

Ed .. you should be italian! I totally forgot about Maldini! A true great, if my father were alive he would have reminded me of him... But then again ... you know everything about soccer ... but can you find good cannoli in the city .. that's the question ..