Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mille Femmes and me

Well, it finally happened! Someone out there thinks I'm creative ... and along with 999 other dynamo women, my pic is hanging up at Brookfield Place (formerly BCE Place in downtown Toronto) in a stunning exhibit called Mille Femmes, which celebrates 1,000 of Toronto’s most creative, inspiring and artistic women.

This is part of the Luminato festival happening this week.

Last night I was at the official launch of this show stopper and it is truly amazing. I recognized so many faces from the arts, journalism, marketing and fashion arenas. I ran into Valerie Pringle who is just a class act.

I also named several protégés of mine who were included in this photographic extravaganza. They looked marvelous and of course, larger than life.

All the women had to choose a one word adjective that would be printed on your photo. I chose “irrepressible” … what else? I should have picked “maverick” but the obvious is so pedestrian don’t you think?

So when I saw Jane Hope’s photo of Taxi Canada I was expecting some blazing word to describe her. Know what her word was? … “hope.” Oh well…

Thanks to Luminato and Lancome for the recognition and for including me in such an extraordinary exhibit.

I'm humbled. Hey, I should have picked that word!


ZoeyBella said...

That is amazing. Great looking photo. :)

Susan Saccucci said...

Well done!!! This is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations on being recognized as leader in your industry and amongst women.


Hi there,
Love your blog, lots of great info - even for us non PR people. =)