Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Team Building 101

Last week, before the long weekend, we had our annual staff Spring Fling event. Each year we throw several big parties for our team, including a Winter/Spring event, a Summer bash and of course, our Christmas party. The annual Maverick four day off site is also a lot of fun – and it never hurts when it’s held in the Bahamas! (the shot above is of team Maverick in front of our digs last week with our event coordinator Rob, missing in the photo are a few employees due to client demands)

For this year’s Spring Fling, we did something a little more unique than just sitting around a bar, coming up with drinking games (we did that later) — we competed in our first ever official MAVERICK “Amazing Challenge” in Toronto. (it's not real race, more of challenge thingie, but you walk really fast!)

Our social committee, headed by the effervescent Stephanie, called upon Rob Gray of The Event Professional ( to create a unique team building experience for the Mavericks. His team came up with a wonderful challenge concept which took my entire staff around the city ordering pizzas, shooting hoops at the JCC, buying house wares at Honest Ed’s, assembling men’s suits in Kensington Market and much, much more. We scurried around downtown picking up clues for each activity along various stops. It was exhausting and very competitive. But winning a big box of ripple as the grand prize is worth the pain. The Maverick’s are a highly competitive bunch, so this was a perfect activity for us.

Other than the Buick-sized blister on my heel, I truly loved the experience. My team was Lenny and Suzanne and we came in second. Gerry’s team came in first (cheaters).

I know a lot of agencies organize events for their staff and clients, but if you want something really memorable, I highly recommend calling Rob Gray at The Event Professional to develop a customized event … you won’t be sorry. Word of advice, wear thick socks and old sneakers. Have fun!


Tamara said...

Watching Julie, Suzanne and Christine singing and dancing to a Dirty Dancing song in downtown Toronto.....PRICELESS! Great job guys!

Steph said...

the maverick spring fling was a blast, and i say this based on the good time we had during and all the great feedback received. thanks to rob and his staff for a great day, and to all the mavs for participating!

Buket said...

My first ever Maverick spring fling ... unforgettable. Can't wait for next year's extravaganza! Thanks team for an amazing time.

Gerry said...

It was fun and I wish to congratulate the other members of the winning team Hilary and Annette. We set a great example of how teamwork can overcome any obstacle. Way to go team. We rock!!

Naheed said...

Well, I have to say that each year the Spring Fling keeps getting better and better. Can't recall which Spring Fling this is for me as a MAVERICK veteran, but it was the most halal fun I've had! Solid team building and it's always a pleasure to see colleagues in akward situations (Chris and Stephanie dity dancing...yikes!). Thanks for an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such an awesome time.

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