Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Last Blog . . .

Well, this will be my last blog for the next few weeks … I’m going on vacation! Sans Blackberry or mobile phone I will be free of the electronic trappings that keep me continuously tied to the business. Yes, for two solid weeks I will be vacationing with my family in sunny Mexico with a good book (The Secret – I caved, I bought a book full of common sense thinking), a few bikinis … and a bullet-proof vest ..!

Kidding aside, Mexico is my favorite travel destination for relaxing and soaking up the sand and sun. Besides the incredible weather and vistas, it’s the locals of Mexico who are the most hospitable people on the planet. The resort we go to is small and quaint and my daughter feels right at home there (this will be her third time in Mexico and she is only six). She wants to know why we don’t live there all year round? Ummmm … with the cold snap in Toronto this week, I wonder about that too.

Completely disconnecting from the office is almost unheard of for me, so this annual pilgrimage is such a welcome release from the day–to-day management of the office. I realized lately how mentally tethered I am to my business. I have a wireless connection at home with three computers: a 24/7 connection to our company files and remote email; a Blackberry that has a permanent placeholder on my hip (my PJs have a holster for that puppy, too); and, a mobile phone that serves as a heat-seeking device in my handbag.

So when I vacation, I truly unplug the batteries. I can’t imagine taking a laptop and blogging from there! Sorry, folks, but the caipirinhas will make me incoherent anyway. (I don't drink mojitos!)

This blog will go dormant for a bit, kind of like the blog for the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms … Ouch. I know, bit of a dig. But c’mon, what’s up with that thing? Talk about crickets chirping on that site. Where, oh, where is the wisdom from the old PR sages?

Upon my return, I’ll be more refreshed, revitalized, full of inspirational prose courtesy of The Secret. Oh ... and less caustic than usual … or maybe not.

Adios, Amigos! Vamos a la playa. See you all soon!

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Leona Hobbs said...

The dig at the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms blog is completely justified. It is a painful illustration that some agency types (present company excluded, of course) just don't get it.