Monday, December 04, 2006

My Phobia made the New York Times ... thanks to my blog!

So, when I blogged two months ago about my little mingling disorder, I thought, that’s okay, it’s just on my blog and the blogging community will be the only eyeballs on this little nugget. Well, I learned a valuable lesson my friends … when it’s “out there” it’s really out there!

My mingle phobia not only made an interesting post on my blog but it was good enough for the New York Times! Yes that “paper of record” picked up my blog from outer space and made it into the Style section of the Sunday Times.

The reporter, Bob Morris, called me last week to discuss my little problem as he was developing an article on Xmas parties and how difficult it was for people to mingle and interact at social functions. He cites a book called “The Art of Mingling” just released last month in paperback form and needed some real world examples to feature in his article. So when Mr. Morris did his due diligence and googled “fear and mingling” .. you guessed it … my blog shows up and the Maven offers a full-on blog confession. Who knew it worked that well? Silly me. He interviewed me via phone for more gruesome details on my social phobia and I turn up numero uno in the real life case profile section.

Now I must admit, I have always wanted to be in the New York Times but for maybe something like smart, savvy, woman running a cool PR agency … not the Julie Fear Factor moment! Ooooops!

Well, a lesson for the kids out there, blogging is a great form of expression, a wonderful medium to talk to your audience (and listen to them too) ... but one thing is for sure, the blog is not about containment. It’s for the world to read and interact with.

This experience has truly made me a believer in the power of blogging.

I’ve been baptized.


Duane Brown said...

That's one thing people don't understand sometimes. Once you click send, post or publish it's out there for the world to see. Even if you delete the post, there is a good chance Google has cached the page and anyone with some know how can simple find it. Congrads on the article, but to bad it wasn't for the latter of your choices.

Chris Clarke said...

That is so cool, Julie. Congrats!

mcewen said...

wow! Congratulations to you and yours. Best wishes

Donna said...

Hey, Julie, the NEW YORK TIMES. That's a biggie. Just think -- your honest sharing of information about your fear could conceivably help others. Good karma all around!

David Jones said...

Great...hit? Just think of all the parties you'll get invited to now.

I hate mingling too, but I can often mask it by already knowing a bunch of people in the room and just working the folks I already know.

Maybe it's just small talk? I'm not even interested in chit-chat with my own family or in-laws...maybe I'm just a misanthrope.

Next thing we attend together, we'll have a Seinfeld-like contest to see who can collect the most business cards through mingling.

Julie Rusciolelli said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone and David, I like your contest idea. I tried to do the mingle thing at a recent advertising awards luncheon .. went up to someone I didn't know and tried to introduce myself .. he looked at me like I had three heads. I turtled ... once again. Just not working for me.

Zoe Siskos said...

Congrats on ‘coming out’. However, I may have a solution for you. I also have scientific proof that it may help your career. Either way, it will be a fun thing to try out.

Zoe Siskos said...

ooops....the solution is actually here: