Thursday, December 21, 2006


This is my last post for 2006. It has been a great experience blogging (thanks Dave for luring this poor girl in!) and I want to thank all the PR bloggers who have advised, coached and supported my blog. Thanks to Joe, Ed, Lisa, Terry, Michael, Leona, (there are more folks out there, but I didn't want the band to start playing) – what a wonderful community we belong to and I am thrilled to be part of this prestigious online club. I am especially grateful for the reading audience, I love the comments and appreciate all the ongoing feedback. I’ve learned so much; except how that RSS thing is supposed to work .. help! I really hope to see more senior PR voices online next year ... don’t be afraid, after you get hurled the first insult, the rest is easy. For next year, my blog will dabble a bit more into the world of entrepreneurship and the glory and pitfalls when embarking on your own thing. I could write forever on this topic, stay tuned.
As for this Christmas, my partner asked me what I wanted from Santa this year and in one word I thought of the ultimate, most luxurious gift … sleep! What a year! I’m pooped and aching for my soft bed with no alarm clock going off.

My thoughts at this time of year always turn to my five year old daughter Rachel. For those of you with kids you know what I mean. There is nothing more heart-warming than watching your child’s eyes light up on Christmas morning. Her big gift this year is BUTTERSCOTCH Pony. Sold out everywhere, we finally got it through eBay after beating out a bunch of tough pony bidders. This pony runs on batteries (not hay) and she’ll move her head when you brush her mane or tickle her ears (kind of like me after a few martinis!). The pony will eat a carrot and will shake her head when she is full. Petting her muzzle will cause her to sniff too! Hey … this pony is fun for the whole family.

I can’t wait to see her face when she sees this thing under the tree. Like all good bloggers I have already found a way to monetize BUTTERSCOTCH Pony to recoup the hundreds we overspent on this hairy thing … charge all her play dates $5 bucks to ride the pony! I know it will work ‘cause this thing has been in my office all week and my staff have been sitting on it!

So as this blogger signs out for the year, I truly wish everyone a magical BUTTERSCOTCH Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Blogger out.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Haley went to the pet groomer.


Leona Hobbs said...

Merry Christmas Julie. All the best for 2007.