Monday, October 23, 2006

Recognition starts with the whole team

I was just named one of Profit Magazine’s TOP 100 Women Entrepreneurs for 2006. And while this is a great honor for me personally, the nod does not tell the entire story of this accomplishment. So let me do a little “blog-bragging” and indulge me for a moment.

Getting on these lists are wonderful feel-good moments and my mom is sure to be proud of her little girl (Dad, I know you are watching me from up there!), but I wish these accolades could include the entire MAVERICK team. Everyone here are a bunch of smart, hard working, ball-busting, funny, quirky individuals who inspire me everyday to be my best. They continually show me a thing or two and keep me on my toes (Thanks Naheed and Stephanie!). They are truly the lifeblood at MAVERICK and are the very heart & soul of this place. From my Vice-Presidents to my wonderful office manager Anne, who has been with me 13 years – it’s the staff at MAVERICK who should be noted along with me on that list.

I live the dream job everyday not because I own this business or I’m on some TOP 100 list, it’s simply working with people I truly want to be around with each and everyday that makes it all worthwhile. In the words of Bill Gates, "the best thing I do, is share my enthusiasm." I guess it shows.

Entire MAVERICK team – take a bow!


Bob said...

Congratulations. When I decided to go from one-man show to an employee six years ago, part of the calculus was that I didn't want to start hiring, get office space, blah-de-blah. So I have an idea of the demands that being in your position can place on you.

If your company's anything like your blog, I'm sure it's a blast to work for. Good on you for recognizing your employees too.

stephanie engel said...

thanks for recognizing your employees, and especially, noting that we keep you on your toes and teach you a thing or two.

the same can be said of you as a president, as you inspire fun and creativity in your whole team, and it is a pleasure to be part of the maverick house.