Thursday, October 12, 2006

Madonna adopts child is not a publicity stunt!

I am outraged that people are actually condemning Madonna for adopting a one year old Malawi boy. Skeptics compare this to a publicity stunt. How ridiculous is that! I mean let’s get something straight people … lip-locking Britney Spears on national television is a publicity stunt, adopting a little boy is a life commitment. This woman puts her money and brand where it will make a significant difference. She arrived in Malawi on Oct. 4 to visit her Raising Malawi project, which is setting up an orphan care centre to provide food, education and shelter for up to 4,000 children.

We should all stop yapping about change and pointing fingers at Government and actually do something humanitarian the way Madonna has. I think Madonna’s actions are noble and genuine. What humantarian thing did you do lately? Recycle? The public relations surrounding her adoption and her initatives in this area of Africa is at least driving awareness to this hard struck poor region and puts it in the social consciousnesses of the masses. Yes, her celebrity allows this to happen and so it should. What sickens me is that we examine every celebrity move under the microscope and then pass judgment as if we have a God given right. Madge does not need to feed or help thousands of underprivileged children in order to generate publicity. She can drive her own PR with a provocative picture or media statement with no effort at all.

I truly believe she has set a wonderful example. This little boy will have a full life of opportunity beyond anything he could imagine. One day he will know how lucky he is.
I wish more people would give her some credit for the positive affect this will have on our sorry planet and not blast her for her altruistic actions.

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