Friday, October 06, 2006

"I could have danced all night ...."

The Venetian Ball: In support of the Villa Charities Foundation : October 5, 2006

What a night! Beautiful masks, ball gowns and fab flowers added to the magnificent evening of the Venetian Ball in support of the Villa Charities. I attended this gala event with my partner Gerry. Please note, I had nothing to do with this event and we were there simply to contribute to the charity. It was one of the best functions we have been to in years. Molto Bello! Never before was there so much eye-candy and food, I almost busted out of my couture! The best kind of PR as we all know is the kind that comes from ordinary folks like me in the form of Word of Mouth. Well let me be the first to tell anyone who reads this what a fabulous affair this was. The event organization, entertainment, food and d├ęcor was all outstanding. And best of all, proceeds went to a great charity.

The Ball included some wonderful highlights including comedian Frank Spadone (whose routine on Italo-Canadesi in Toronto busted a few guts open) if anyone is looking for an emcee at your next event – book this guy, he was awesome! Jazz singer Matt Dusk who has been compared to Frank Sinatra performed and got the whole place dancing. Also part of the evening were opera singers (Ramona you must get this gig next year!), Venetian artists, and acrobatic dancers which opened the show.

The highlight for me of course was the food. The loot bag was a close second! We ate copious amounts of appetizers including prosciutto and bocconcini wraps, raw tuna, shrimp, thin crust pizza, crab cakes, cheese delights the list goes on and on … so many stations of appetizers I lost count! Then the main dinner included a wonderful sea bass and filet mignon both on the same plate served on a bed of crusty polenta! Then, something right out of a Fellini movie -- the most spectacular sculptures made out of fruit were on display in the foyer. Larger than life flowers and animals were constructed using pieces of real fruit. Party-goers were mesmerized by these wonderful creations, we didn't know whether to snap pictures or peel the fruit off -- I did both of course! The drinks were great too .. a full open bar, premium brands no less and real lychee nuts in our martinis! There was a grappa station as well with Gerry enjoying a few drops of the fine Italian elixir! It was a magical evening, and I was proud to be part of it.

I know what you’re all thinking … so did I mingle with guests I didn’t know? Did I get over that fear of that mingling thingie? Of course not! I was busy shoveling down wads of food in my mouth (and in keeping with what my Nonna would have done, put some into my purse for later) so I couldn’t stop to break into chatter. I became very much a voyeur last night just watching and seeping it all in. Oh well, I'll try again next time…. but thanks for all your supportive comments -- it has been like a therapy session for me.

Enjoy the pictures …

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